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Home Therapies Cafe

Home Therapies Café Background

December 2011: The Nova Scotia Renal Program has been working with renal service delivery programs to increase the utilization of home therapies in Nova Scotia. As part of this work, a Home Therapies Café was hosted on December 9, 2011. The purpose of the Café was to bring together renal health care professionals to share their expertise, highlight successes and learn from other provinces with the goal of successfully growing home therapies in Nova Scotia.
Home Therapies Cafe Presentations and Final Report:
Susan MacNeil: Nova Scotia Context
CBDHA - Laurie MacLellan:  CBDHA Renal Services
CDHA - Cynthia Stockman:  Capital Health Renal Program
SWNDHA - Kathy Wilson:  SWNDHA Kidney Care Services
Donna Murphy-Burke:  Is 30% Possible?
Home Therapies Cafe Final Report

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