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Joint Advisory Group

Joint Advisory Group

The Nova Scotia Renal Program (NSRP) is accountable to the Acute and Tertiary Care Branch of the Department of Health and Wellness and receives advice from a Joint Advisory Group. The Joint Advisory Group advises the program and subsequently the Department of Health on the development and implementation of strategies for common risk factors, joint surveillance and cross disease initiatives that complement the disease specific approaches of three provincial programs; Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia, Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Renal Program.


Katherine Fraser, Director of Acute and Tertiary Care – Department of Health and Wellness

Peggy Dunbar, Program Manager – Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia (DCPNS)

Neala Gill, Program Manager – Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia (CVHNS)

Susan MacNeil, Program Manager – Nova Scotia Renal Program (NSRP)

Lynn Harrigan, Clinical Advisor – DCPNS

Steve Phillips, Clinical Advisor – CVHNS

Tom Hewlett, Clinical Advisor – NSRP

Darla MacPherson, VP Community

Nicole Boutilier, VP Medicine

Tim Guest, VP Patient Service/Clinical

Tara Sampalli (DHA), Michele LeBlanc (DHA) and Lindsay Sutherland (DHW), Primary Health Care Rep’s – DHW and DHA/IWK

Jeremy Hillyard, VP Medicine/Primary Care Physician

Health Promotion and Wellness – DHW and DHA/IWK - Vacant

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