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Joint Hypertension Initiative

Three Provincial Programs (Nova Scotia Renal Program [NSRP], Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia [DCPNS], and Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia [CVHNS]) identified hypertension as a priority for provincial focus. With provincial attention on chronic disease prevention and management, these three programs and their many partners are exploring a variety of opportunities to positively impact hypertension in Nova Scotia. Efforts are focused on increasing provider and public awareness of blood pressure, the approaches needed to prevent hypertension, the importance of early identification, and appropriate management.

Joint Activities:
  • Established the My Blood Pressure government website
  • Launched My Blood Pressure Card Initiative in August 2011. This launch included the province-wide distribution of a wallet card for consumer use, accompanied by an educational brochure and poster for use in the office/work setting. These materials were distributed with the assistance of the District Health Authorities to various health care providers in different settings (inpatient, outpatient, community, and Primary Care). 
  • Dalhousie Continuing Medical Education Academic Detailing hosted sessions with a focus on blood pressure targets for the elderly, for those with diabetes, as well as the role of a low salt diet. Academic detailing materials are available at http://cme.medicine.dal.ca/ad_resources.htm#Hyper
  • Implemented critical appraisal of hypertension guidelines with the assistance of the Drug Evaluation Unit, Capital Health. 
  • Planning for interprofessional sessions across Nova Scotia. This work is being planned and delivered with the assistance of Dalhousie University Department of Continuing Medical Education and will be aimed at physicians and nurse practitioners; pharmacists; diabetes, cardiac, and renal staff; family practice nurses, and other interested health care professionals. 
  • Monitoring the impact of voluntary sodium reduction by industry will continue. 

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