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Mission, Vision, and Values

To improve renal health and care for all Nova Scotians.

All Nova Scotians achieving optimal renal health.



  • Take an interdisciplinary, team-based approach to our work, involving all program stakeholders and communities of practice;
  • Foster trust and respect across program teams and disciplines;
  • Share strengths and solutions;
  • Work with partners who share our goals, wherever they are.


A Population Health Approach

  • Foster aggressive primary and secondary prevention;
  • Advance initiatives targeting all determinants of health.


Responsible Use of Resources
  • Seek economy of scale opportunities on behalf of all program stakeholders.


Patient-Family Centredness
  • Focus on supporting:
    • ​Patients’ values, preferences, and expressed needs with respect to access, coordination, and integration of care, information, communication, and education;
    • Patients’ physical comfort;
    • Emotional support and alleviation of fear and anxiety;
    • Involvement of family and friends;
    • Service providers in being patient-centred;
    • Transition and continuity.
  • ​Organize services around the needs of patients and families, as close to their homes as possible.


System Advocacy
  • Contribute evidence-based recommendations for change;
  • Provide valid, reliable information to those whose primary role is advocacy.


  • Take responsibility for our actions;
  • Provide consistent and equitable services for all;
  • Make available the best practices, research findings and stakeholder opinions that influence our decisions;
  • Monitor the results of our efforts against standards targeting improved renal health outcomes.


  • Facilitate communication channels among renal teams throughout the province by creating safe environments for dialogue.
  • Communicate renal program initiatives and accomplishments.

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