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My Blood Pressure Initiative

Help address hypertension in Nova Scotia by using the “My Blood Pressure” Wallet Card, Pamphlet and Poster in your practice and health care or community setting.
Why should I support this initiative?
As part of an increased focus on hypertension, the My Blood Pressure Card Initiative is one approach that will be used to increase patient and provider awareness. This wallet-sized tool and its related resources, including a patient information pamphlet and poster for office use, are intended to:
  • Engage individuals in self-care practices (actively talking about and understanding blood pressure and their role in management).
  • Promote the need for routine, regular monitoring of blood pressure and an awareness of “knowing your numbers” as a means of primary prevention.
  • Reinforce consistent messaging across provider groups and with individuals, including “Tips” to lower blood pressure through sodium reduction, healthy eating, healthy weights, physical activity, smoking avoidance, alcohol moderation, stress reduction, and medication management.
Where possible, this initiative will support the development or use of auditing tools to assist practitioners in monitoring blood pressure data on their patient population.
Where the Wallet Card, Pamphlet and Poster should be used?
Our three Provincial Programs encourage all provider groups including, among others, physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, and dietitians working in various settings (primary, acute, and continuing care) across the continuum to use this card to increase awareness, monitoring, and self management. 
How will this initiative be communicated?
Promotion activities have been developed with the assistance of Communications Nova Scotia and will include launch activities, community and clinical champions, a website with planned video vignettes and direct distribution of materials to providers in a variety of health care and community settings.
How can I obtain more information?
Visit the My Blood Pressure Website:
How can I obtain the wallet cards, pamphlets and a poster?
Packages are being sent to all family physicians and pharmacies in Nova Scotia. We are working with each District Health Authority to identify all health care settings that could use these tools. Additional sites for distribution are continually being identified. 
If you have not received a package and would like to receive one contact:

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