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Peer Support

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has developed and supports the implementation of a peer support program across Canada entitled KIDNEY CONNECT. The KIDNEY CONNECT Peer Support Program is a volunteer support service for people living with kidney disease that provides an opportunity for people affected by kidney disease to talk with others who’ve been there.  Peer Support may be helpful at many different times - when facing the diagnosis of kidney disease, choosing or changing treatment modality, considering transplantation including living donor transplantation – for the donor, family and/or recipient.  Support is available primarily by telephone but can also be done in person, when feasible, and in some situations, support has been provided through email connection.  The following are key elements of the program:

  • Peer support volunteers are themselves renal patients, family members of renal patients, or living donors who have adjusted to living with kidney disease and have the desire to help others by sharing their experiences.
  • Volunteers are most often target recruited in collaboration with renal programs and are asked to commit to the program for a minimum of one year post training.
  • Participation in training sessions is mandatory to become a peer support volunteer (skill development, understanding roles and responsibilities, confidentiality, etc.).
  • Support for volunteers throughout the match process is provided through the Kidney Foundation of Canada Coordinator.

Please click the following to view the Kidney Foundation's Peer Support Program Brochure.

Anyone can access the KIDNEY CONNECT Peer Support Program by calling 1-866-390-PEER (7337).

For additional information click KIDNEY CONNECT.

Support for Caregivers

Are you a caregiver for someone with kidney disease? Caregivers Nova Scotia is an organization that focuses on empowering caregivers, supporting their efforts, and recognizing the invaluable contribution they make. They do this through programs, support groups, advocacy, and services all geared toward the unique needs of friends and family giving care. Whether you require information on resources available, would like to talk to someone on the phone, or attend one of their peer support groups, they are there to support you. For more information visit their website at www.caregiversns.org.



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