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Quality Indicators

The Nova Scotia Renal Program (NSRP) plays an important role in quality management.  A key step to defining the quality management process includes the identification of quality indicators. The appropriate quality indicators can help to enhance understanding of the burden of illness, inform health policy, inform service delivery planning, help to monitor and improve outcomes, inform cost efficiencies, and evaluate performance. The indicators need to be tied to the strategic plan of the NSRP and will be used as a baseline to measure performance over time.

The process to identify quality indicators for the NSRP required input from many stakeholders. A quality indicator stakeholder forum was held in April 2010. A core team then identified a sub-set of draft indicators using the following criteria: relevance to the provincial program & current pressures with the system; feasibility, in terms of data availability and cost effectiveness; and credibility. Each indicator is fully defined in terms of numerator and denominator, targets and data definitions providing a common understanding and data consistency from all sources.
The data collection plan was developed and the first set of data from the fiscal year, 2011-2012 is now being used to inform the NSRP about changes that are needed in data collection activities to ensure data is of sufficient quality to start reporting against the identified indicators. Once the first set of reports have been produced work will continue to re-evaluate the preliminary quality indicators to ensure they are still relevant and feasible.

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